Sound Flowers

Artists: Chris Reddington & Tom Philpotts
Where: Corner High and Hereford Streets
When: Installation 1-2 March

A sound sculpture that uses water to generate shifting tones from a series of suspended metal resonators.

A large acoustic sound sculpture where water will be used as a sound generating medium. Water will also be used to influence sounds generated by resonating metallic objects, which can be played by performers. There will be live, group performances incorporating the sound sculpture. The public is encouraged to interact with it, playing it as an instrument.

The prolific and multi-talented team of Chris Reddington and Tom Philpotts construct their water sound sculpture on the former site of the Stewart Fountain, which was decorated with tiles decorated by Christchurch schoolchildren. A new generation of schoolchildren can contribute to this sound sculpture by manipulating it to create sound.

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Christchurch City Council

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