Greg Malcolm

Workshop: Sonic Kids Workshop
Bio: Greg Malcolm is a diverse practitioner. He recently performed at the Auckland Triennial and the Late at the Museum series at the Auckland Art Gallery and Museum. He is also a member of Surfing USSR, a Christchurch band that has been performing together for 10 years and toured rural areas as part of Arts on Tour programme. All aspects of his music, from concepts to musical execution, have been developed in an original and artful way. Greg has had solo sound art exhibitions at the High Street Gallery Christchurch and Film Archives Wellington. He was musical director and performer for the Christchurch Theatre company The Clinic’s production of Cyrano de Bergerac , and has been commissioned to produce a radio art piece for Radio New Zealand National. He also collaborates with dance performances such as Julia Milson’s Elephant Skin. Greg has musically accompanied theatre for children and performs for children regularly.

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