Rotor Plus

Work: Acts 13:40
Bio:  Rotor Plus is an accomplished composer, producer, and sound artist who has created works for dance, theatre and multi-media exhibits and events. Rotor Plus has exhibited at the High Street Project, the Blue Oyster Gallery, and the Splore Festival arts trail. In 2003 Rotor Plus and video artist James Hutchinson created a cutting–edge 6.1 surround-sound multimedia piece for the interdigitate program as part of AK03 arts festival in Aucklands St. James Theatre called UMBO. This piece also played at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece in Sept 2004, and at the renowned German Transmediale media festival in the same year. Rotor Plus was invited to play the Big Chill music festival in the UK  in 2000. He has supported international act Oval, played at the Lines of Flight Festival in Dunedin, and was a founding member of the Relay sound arts collective in Auckland. Rotor Plus has released 3 albums, the most recent in 2013, of minimal electronic and electro-acoustic experiments. Rotor plus is currently pursuing interests in multi-speaker presentation and A.R sound pieces.

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