Samin Son

Work: Audio Interventions
Bio: Samin Son is an artist specializing in sound, sculpture, installation and painting with performative strategies. He has performed and exhibited nationally, in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch, and internationally including Germany, Taiwan, Seoul, Tokyo, San Francisco,  and Lawrence, KS, USA. Samin Son has performed with world-renowned sound artists such as EVOL (Barcelona), Wang Fujui (Taipei), Betty Apple (Taipei), Yousuke Fuyama (Tokyo), Scott Arford (SF), Mason Jones (SF), Campbell Kneale (NZ), Antony Milton (NZ), Greg Malcolm (NZ). Samin Son TV, a composed audio visual work of his performance art and music works, has been exhibited in the NZ Film Archive Media gallery, and at the 2013 Triennial of Extended Media in Belgrade, Serbia.


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