Tony Smith and Geoff Low

Work: Taonga Puoro Wananga Ki Ōtautahi
Bio: Tony has been fascinated with the sounds of these treasures for as long as he can remember. However, how they were played was a mystery to him and a great source of frustration when trying to find a teacher. Tony then organized a meeting of those in CHCH who were interested in Taonga Puoro and from that a small and dedicated group was formed. They decided that to truly master the skills of playing and making the instrument they needed to run workshops under the tuition of Richard Nunns and Brian Flintoff, the worlds two leading authorities of these treasures. From these shared workshops they now run their own to further develop the skills for those interested in these treasures, that were almost lost to the present generation. They wish to acknowledge Richard, Brian, Hirini Melbourne and the other members of Hau Manu who breathed life back into the instruments that were destined to be consigned to museum curios.

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