Stanier Black-Five

Work: Resonifying the City
Bio: Stanier Black-Five is the Lyttelton-based sound artist and writer, Jo Burzynska. Her audio work is largely based on the manipulation of her own environmental recordings, such as the pounding rhythms of trains and  the sounds of Christchurch’s  earthquakes, to create dense soundscapes. Also a respected wine writer, her interest in sound and taste has converged in a number of multi-sensory projects. These include the hosting of wine, sound matching workshops and the multi-sensory sound and taste installation Oenosthesia created from a residency in Campania, Italy. Stanier Black-Five performs regularly both in New Zealand and internationally. She has taken her visceral musique concrète to the UK and Europe, performing alongside artists such as Chris Watson, Daniel Menche and Jessica Rylan and presented her work at festivals such as London Musicians Collective’s annual Festival of Experimental Music. Her  installation work includes  the Christchurch City Council commissioned-“Stepping Out”, currently playing in Colombo Street.

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