Drive In Radio Music

Artist: Malcolm Riddoch
Where: Auricle FM 1069
When: Throughout the festival

Drive In Radio Music on Auricle FM 1069 features several low power FM radio microphone transmitters all broadcasting on 106.9MHz from various of the Audacious sound art installations, from mobile sound walk backpacks, as well as from a permanent transmitter at the Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in New Regent Street. For the duration of the festival the live to air transmitters will battle one another as well as the transmissions already flooding our crowded public broadcast frequencies providing a live kaleidoscope of electromagnetic sound and noise dependent on where your radio receiver is located. Broadcast coverage is only from within the Four Avenues and will be best heard from within the Audacious festival area from Peterborough Street down to High and Colombo Streets and across to the Bridge of Remembrance.

This event will also mark the beginning of the Auricle FM public radio station, an initiative of the Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists, dedicated to live to air broadcasts of Auricle performances and artist talks, as well as a programme of guest broadcasters from across the full spectrum of Cantabrian sonic arts.

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